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Blinging Around


I made these wine glass cozies and placed crystals on them to make them unique.


Then I made this pillow (about 15″ square) and put crystals all over it. Now I am done “blinging” for the day.

One of my best friends will be moving to Florida in a week to start a new, wonderful job. Seems like all the best people are in Florida. Looks like I gotta make vacation plans!



I finished the binding on this little crib quilt. It goes to a very special little girl! It is quilted with love and hearts.

I also did a few videos for the Bird quilt. Now the hard part – editing it and making all the parts flow together. A successful day I must say.


What a mess!

Tonight I must tackle the sewing room. I have avoided it for too long. Christmas took its toll. The reason I need to clean is I am getting ready to teach the Birds class at my local quilt shop. I will need to get all the blocks prepared, get the demonstration boards ready and finally video the steps. When I get all of those things completed I can offer the class and patterns here on line. This is very new to me, so patience will be the motto. In the meantime I hope to post my progress.




Today I get to take three grandsons (ages 2, 3, and 4) to see the trains at Northpark Mall. Last night I made three bags, featuring trains, so they could carry some snacks with them on the ride to the mall. Should be a fun day! I will let you know when I recover.


So I have made a bit of progress on a quilt that I have been thinking about for a while. It just finally came together. So here is a peek:



Today I have been bouncing from one project to another, my attention span has been so short and shiny new things catching my eye. But today I have accomplished several things – this is a quilt I am making just for me.


This is one of the rings (of 5) on “Double Tree of Wedding Life Ring with a Pickle Thrown In”
This is a combination of a Double Wedding Ring (which has a variation called a Pickle Dish) and a Tree of Life. The Pickle Dish has the pointy triangles in the ring.
I know I will love this one. It is about my family.  Three kids, the tree has three main branches – I love circles so the wedding ring is a block I have always wanted to do – but not a whole quilt of it -so this is perfect for me and my rebellion with following patterns.

Grandson’s Quilt For His Dad

My grandson is so creative.  I love watching his mind work. This past week he designed a quilt for his daddy, so we worked on it. This is the result:


He is 6. He drew it out:


Of course I cannot turn that photo to the proper orientation. ..
We went to the quilt shop and he chose each fabric. Oh, he was quite specific about the choices. We brought his treasures home and began. He helped by running the foot pedal on the sewing machine. Yes, that was risky – but he follows instructions very well and understands what could happen if he goes too fast or doesn’t listen. I trusted him and he did not let me down.
He was so funny, he sang “We’re getting creative, we’re getting creative! ” as we went upstairs.  This little guy makes my heart sing! I know this collaboration will end when he gets too “big” to sew, but I am soaking in every ounce of this time. And can hardly wait for my other grandkids to start!
He can hardly wait to give it to his daddy at Christmas.  Yup, he is thinking ahead and discovering giving is nice and feels good…