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Finished Heart Top


The heart top for my grandson is completed and ready to load on the mid-arm. The backing will be a Texas Rangers print – cause actually a heart is not too boy like and had to man it up somehow.
Love this quilt, it was fun to do. I started on graph paper and used each square as a 2″ finished block.


Counted out my finished size and marked the “boundaries”. Within that rectangle I free drew a heart shape. Put together 2.5″ haphazard sized blue-red rectangles, and did the same with the background. Using the squares on the graph paper I counted the number of squares in a column that were background, red, background – that determined the lengths of each sub-cut. Then it was a matter of sewing columns and sewing pairs and sewing those pairs together until the top was done. Easy peasy, no math – just accurate counting. One could do any simple shape inside a field and have a great free form design.


I used blue-red, blue, purple and even orange to add interest and make the coloring seem more masculine. If I were to go the other direction on the color wheel, it would have been easy to make it more feminine with magenta and fuchsia melding into pinks – with that color scheme I would have added some yellow to add interest.

Sew On!

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